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​PrincipalMr. Sean Ealey
​Vice-PrincipalMs. Duffett

Mrs. Ma & Mrs. Faria

Mrs. Gillen & Mrs. Carson

Ms. Dyke and Mrs. MacMillan

Mrs. Upham and Mrs. Couture                          

​Grade 1

Ms. Ringhofer

Mrs. Chant

Mrs. Gogolin​

​Grades 1&2Mrs. Picco
​Grade 2Mr. Klassen
​Grade 2/3Ms. Patterson
​Grade 3Ms. Golden
Mrs. Coville
​​Grade 4

Mr. Gro​s​s​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Mrs. Scott

​Grade 5

​Mrs. Gibbs-White​

Ms. Rand

​Grade 6Mrs. Ryan​
​Grade 6Mrs. Robertson
​Grade 7​Mr. Sarginson

Ms. Beribikowski
​Grade 7 8

Mr. Robertson, 

Mr. Chenette


​Mme. Stewart

Mme. Powell

​Planning Time

​Mr. Leigh

Mrs. Lind

Mrs. Duprey

​Library​Mrs. Marling
​Special Education

​Mrs. Dyer​

Mr. Peters

Mr. Leigh                                                                                                                    

​E.A.'sMrs. Hurst, Mrs. Helinski, Ms. Sholer, Ms. Lawrence
​Office Staff​Ms. LaCouvee
Mrs. Laronde
​​Custodial StaffMs. Trenny, Miss Janet,

​ ​​​